The Mindul Response

Unlock your potential to lead with Mindfulness

Recognize your leadership potential, identify the broadest vision you aspire to, and prioritize well-being for you, your teams and the world.

By connecting the scientific and the human point of view, the author offers a methodology that facilitates deep reflection, sprinkled with inspiring stories from leaders, useful mindfulness exercises and many other resources with a largely educational focus which help apply your own skills to the effort of achieving mindful and compassionate leadership.

About Estela

Estela Quesada Zuheros, IBM Europe Project Manager for Corporate Social Responsibility projects, with extensive experience in the implementation of mindfulness programs, provides a vision of leadership for those who wish to leave a legacy based on their personal well-being.

Imagine getting up every morning and asking yourself, “What does the world need from me today?

The Mindful Response helps leaders cultivate the mental clarity, compassion and courage necessary for organizations to generate a positive impact on society and the planet.

Its well-written style and format will make it your beside book to adopt lifelong
strategies and practices as it includes all the critical elements to develop mindful
leadership, with friendly and familiar language.

What will you find in The Mindful Response?

Part I: Setting the Foundation. Every long journey begins with a first step. Part 1 will take you through the territory we will explore, the tools we will use, and the barriers we will overcome.
You will discover aspects of your mind that were perhaps unknown to you. You will experiment with mindfulness in your everyday life. You will learn what it is, what its benefits are, and how it relates to responsible leadership. Also, I will describe the attitudes or qualities you should consider when practicing mindfulness.

Part II: Self-Knowledge and Self-Leadership. There is a great treasure inside you that you have yet to discover. You will begin the process towards self-knowledge by training your attention.
You will awaken your inner observer and cultivate your mind’s ability to remain calm and be able to see more clearly.

Part III: Developing Your Responsible Leadership Skills. Often, we wish our circumstances were different. It is the same with people. Often, when we interact with someone, our first wish is to try to change them: “I wish this person were more/less …” Imagine if every time you interacted with someone, your first thought was, “I hope you are well and happy.” We will train habits that will develop and practice your responsible leadership skills. This is just one of the impacts of responsible leadership. Relationships with others and communication are also key skills we will touch on in this part; they do not require trying to change anyone. We are a social species and our leadership is link to our ability to connect with others, this can also be learned and
mindfulness can help with that.

Part IV: Now What? The Path to Responsible Leadership. Now is the time to fully assume your
responsible leadership, to profoundly integrate what you have learned. By changing yourself
first, you will be able to change the world.

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Do you know The Mindful Response Workbook?

The Mindful Response Workbook complements the book perfectly so that you can put into practice and take with you anywhere the mindfulness and reflective writing practices of the Mindfulness-Based Responsible Leadership Program.

You will gain greater moment-to-moment awareness to learn how to manage circumstances, while exercising responsibility inwardly towards your self-care and self-knowledge, and outwardly towards society and the planet in general by aligning your decisions with your purpose and values.

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